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Favorite story of all time - Cinderella

I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

Yes I cry at Hallmark commercials!




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Aly Grady

Aly Grady

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A Little About Aly and her books

The journey to be a writer developed from a dare. Since then, I've found I quite enjoy the process. I have the privilege of calling many talented writers a friend because of joining Romance Writer's of America. Every month I grow that much more because of them and they couldn't know how much I appreciate their generosity.

A Home For Love has been a labor of love for a while. My muse is an ever talented interior designer and it was a joy creating the world for Charlotte and Luke to find their HEA.

They say you write what you know and The Racer's Widow series was born from just that. The Sinclair Family developed from years of living and dreaming of fast cars and exotic locations.

Real life with a traveling husband, teenagers and a spunky labradoodle (Cody), constantly keeps me on my toes.

Developing the next sweeter side of a love story is a continual process. My list of story ideas grows constantly. Speaking of that, I should get back to writing.



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  •           Chasing the Dream
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