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Chance Sinclair is enjoying his second opportunity to be involved with the racing world. As his brother's race engineer Chance is starting the year on the reigning championship team. The prize targeted now is the Indy 500. The historic race has eluded his family and he was determined to see his brother drink the milk.

Camryn Green could not care less about car racing. Her world revolved around motorcycles, thank you very much, and she just didn't understand all the hype. Then again, Cam hadn't grown up in Indianapolis. She was still on a learning curve.

Chance had the nerve to suggest his career was more exciting then Camryn's. Even her children thought Chance didn't hold a candle to their Mom. Who has the better job? In the end it just might not matter.

Christie McClure and her husband Keith move their family to follow Keith's dream of working on a race team.  Tragedy strikes and Christie is left alone to raise her sons. Picking up the pieces of her shattered world, she moves forward with the plans already set in motion, but she knows she needs help. Devin Sinclair volunteers to be that help. Intrigued by the hard working handy man Christie decides to take a shot at finding love again. Can Devin sweep Christie off her feet or will he crush her dream of happily ever after?

Released Spring 2014


Taking A Chance

A Racer's widow story


Released Spring 2013


Released Fall 2012

Chasing The Dream

A Racer's Widow Story














 Chase Sinclair is living the dream. He just won the IndyCar championship after years of hard work. He was in need of lots of rest and relaxation.

Jessica O'Dowd thought she was living the dream too as a freelance sports journalist following her passion for the fast paced life of IndyCar teams. 

The former childhood friends lives become tangled in something neither saw coming and it wasn't just Jessica's arms wrapped around Chase either.



The Racer's Widow







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Aly Grady

Having giving up on men, Charlotte Cavanuagh devotes herself to her business and finding a new place to live.

Despite his love of family, recent losses have left Luke Anderson with no desire to start a new relationship, giving his contracting company his attention.

When Charlotte and Luke work on a customer’s home, their budding friendship results in more sparks than either of them ever expected.

- A Home for Love -

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Aly Grady